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WeRide unveils WeRide Master Platform (WMP) as the key technology to mass production of Level 4 autonomous vehicles

The year of 2020 witnessed two most important milestones in the Autonomous Driving (AD) industry achieved by WeRide, China’s leading L4 autonomous driving mobility company. In April 2020, the company unveiled a fleet of 100 AD vehicles, retrofitted from mass produced vehicles. Later in November 2020, WeRide rolled out its Mini Robobuses produced directly on the OEM assembly lines embedded with WeRide’s L4 AD hardware and software solutions. These fully driverless minibuses have been deployed for testing on public roads in Guangzhou, Nanjing and Zhengzhou.

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Auto Shanghai 2021

ZF is Driving Intelligence for Software-defined Vehicles

The software-defined vehicle is fast becoming reality. The core of future vehicle architectures are high-performance domain or zone controllers on which the central software runs. Just as the brain is connected to every part of the body, the car’s central computers interact with all sensors and actuators to enable an unparalleled mobility experience in automated driving, electric mobility, vehicle motion control and integrated safety functions.

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Future Auto Sales in China

The Chinese automotive market has been essential for the business of OEMs for more than a decadeand will be even more indispensable in the postCOVID era. But given the fierce competition, the strong position of the state, and customers’ quickly changing demands, OEMs must gain a precise understanding of what they need to thrive in this quickly evolving market.

Accenture conducts a study thoroughly investigating the bold steps that OEMs and dealers must take to continue to thrive. It combines a survey of 1,050 Chinese consumers and 250 Chinese car dealers with indepth interviews with industry executives and thought leaders. The study finds that 1/2of all cars sold globally are sold in China (Q2/2020); 20% of all cars sold in China will be NEV by 2025; and 23 new vehicles are being launched in China every day.

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