K in Car

RuhrCongress Bochum, 12 February 2020

K in Car - Plastics in the car of the future

As part of the Car Symposium in Bochum on February 12, 2020, the special "K in Car", i.e. plastics in the car, will be held for the first time.

Top-class speakers from car manufacturers will report on the current trends and future requirements for plastics in the interior and exterior. The agenda will be supplemented by specialist contributions from plastics experts from our partner companies. The following two  topics will be covered:

  • Innovations along the powertrain

From energy storage to tyres. Where are ideal areas of application and what innovations are there? Where can plastics be imagined even if they may not yet exist? Exciting insides will be discovered especially with the far-reaching developments from “combustion engine” to the electric drive.

  • Innovationen im Interior

Which novel materials will be needed in the car interior of the future (e.g. antimicrobial plastics)? What future requirements will be placed on acoustics and thermal loads? How must production and processes (e.g. additive manufacturing, tool making, lightweight construction) adapt to the changes? How does automated driving affect the interior?

The lectures and discussions will be held with special emphasis on “sustainability”.Prerequisite for the integration of content (technical lecture) is the participation in our partner program

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