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HA Schult

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         #50 Jahre "Aktion 20.000 km"

Das Auto wandelt sich mit der Gesellschaft.

Heute sind wir beim CO2-freien Auto und morgen beim Tobocar.

Der Aktionskünstler HA Schult beschäftigt sich seit mit dem Auto und Mobilität und gibt immer wieder wichtige Anregungen.

Deshalb sind wir stolz bei unseren Analysen die KUNST und HA als Sparringspartner zu haben


“Now is not the time for halfhearted actions. It is time for a revolution.”

CAR CRASH. HA Schult, Ökoglobe 2008

„Aktion 20.000 km“

Vor 50 Jahren macht HA Schult eine Citroën Dyane zum abgefahrenen Kunstwerk Deutschlands: Er gibt zwischen Hamburg und München so lange Vollgas, bis die ganze Republik von seinem Autobahn-Happening weiß!

The entire art movement of the sixties, which was combined under the expression Pop Art, was nothing more than the large-scale attempt to bring art back into a very close relationship with life. Consider the famous sculptures by the American Claes Oldenbourg, who modelled a store, a sculpture.

An action like the one by HA Schult follows here the same line, the attempt to fuse art and life again into one unit, which of course still gives the individual the liberty to accept this as art or not. But those who don’t accept it as art should recognize the serious attempt behind such an action. The attempt to include the world around us, the technique, the ear, in our artistic expressions. The task of art has always been to make obvious what people of a certain time think, feel or care about.

Consider art during the Middle Ages. It creates the world of the Belief. It tries to make the world of the Belief graphically obvious. A man like HA Schult, if you accept this comparison, tries to make our world obvious. The world of the car, the world of the travel, and the permanent immobility of man which has never existed in this way before. HA Schult’s approach to art, in my opinion, is not only legitimate, it is right and worthwhile.

– Peter Ludwig, 1970

HA Schult

"Let's GO!"